Cheap Wedding has been creating
music for over two decades,
primarily in solitude, tucked
away in her apartment in
Berlin-Neukölln. Recently,
she gave up her relationship
to pure form and made a
vow to herself: to finally
share her self-produced songs
with strangers .

Cheap Wedding is the solo
project of Ann Weller,
a singer-songwriter and
keyboardist based in Berlin.
Weller began her career
as a pianist, but after an
accident that left her unable
to perform at a high level,
she turned to songwriting.
She has composed several film
scores, including the score
for the film "Sonnwende."
Since 2016, the songstress has
been featured as a vocalist
on collaborations with
Alexander Lay-Far, Hannes Fischer,
and LoYoTo, released on labels
such as Local Talk (SE),
Mule Musiq (JN), and
Best Works Records (DE).
With her live band, Ann & Bones,
she released the EP "Elope" in
2017, alongside Micatone producer
Boris Meinhold.

During her parental leave in 2021,
Cheap Wedding used her time
to refine her unique approach
to music production.
She inspired drummer legend
Earl Harvin (Tindersticks,
My Brightest Diamond), who
contributed his trance-like beats,
previously performed with the
French duo Air and many other bands,
to her debut album, set to be
released in 2023.

Cheap Wedding's songs are
characterised by intense, personal
songwriting. The sound moves
between minimalist analogue sounds
and post-trip-hop beats.
Cheap Wedding's ethereal voice
appears in opaque layers, samples
and alienations. Epic melodies
are supported by scattered basses,
minimalist harmonically-bouncing
synth figures, and 808s.
Haunting horns intertwine with
ominous, drowning strings,
leading the listener on a deep
dive into extreme emotions.

Cheap Wedding's influences can be
found in the late-night melancholy
of Leonard Cohen, Cat Power
and Massive Attack, as well as
the post-dubstep of James Blake,
Tirzah and FKA Twigs.